Healthcare Executive

Over his 20+ year career, Rick has held senior leadership roles across multiple healthcare business platforms with private and Fortune 500 organizations. Rick brings extensive experience and leadership to CXO5 in the areas of organizational and sales strategy, business planning, organizational design, product development, strategic partnerships, M&A, cross-functional management and team development. By eliminating unnecessary cost and expenses while obtaining increased performance, Rick maximizes the resources available for companies to perform at their peak with increased customer satisfaction.
By approaching problems from a different point of view, Rick has demonstrated his ability to overcome challenges and create new paths where others might have taken an easier but less successful route. Rick collaborates with owners, product teams, marketing, and design companies to communicate value-added differentiation. Through critical analysis, creative business planning, and sound marketing and management, he is adept at leading new ventures as well as established product lines that need a fresh approach.
Rick holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Harding University and a Master of Business Administration degree from Louisiana Tech University.