How SWISS Dollars Can Grow Your Business Exponentially

As a marketing executive and consultant, I’ve had clients ask about the differences between sales and marketing. There are a lot of distinctions that can be made, but a huge difference is marketing’s ability to scale an organization. While one-to-one sales are a great way to establish and build a business incrementally, a strategic marketing system can create exponential growth when applied correctly.

One indicator whether your marketing can scale your business is whether or not your system is earning you SWISS dollars. No, I’m not talking about Swiss francs or a new cryptocurrency. SWISS dollars is a term created by author Dan Miller that stands for Sales While I Sleep Soundly. He uses it to reference passive income or residual revenue, but the term could be applied to digital marketing as well.

You might argue that your company can’t do ecommerce. Maybe your product has to be customized or you need to consult with a customer before providing your service. That’s fine. Orders don’t have to be fulfilled while you sleep, but an automated marketing system can take the heavy lifting steps of the sales process off you and/or your sales team.

There are many online tools that can help you automate the marketing funnel. How does this help you?

  • Increase the QUANTITY of sales leads
  • Improve the QUALITY of sales leads
  • Sales teams can focus on sales
  • Reduce the cost per lead
  • Establish a more reliable and replicable marketing results (which helps sales forecasting)

In practice, this approach can take many forms… including content marketing, pay-per-click advertising, landing pages, social media, etc. The key is to establish a strong strategy that utilizes the right tools and messaging to meet your business goals.

We have a proven marketing system for scaling businesses at a fraction of the cost of similar automation software. Contact CXO5 today for more information on how your marketing system can start earning you SWISS dollars, and you may start having the best sleep of your life.